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- Youngjun Jung
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       Since our establishment in 2000 We have made huge advancements and developments on our technical skills. We have accumulated trustworthy technologies in the field of car/ship production facilities. (Automatic Machine, Assembly Machine, Washing Machine, pallets for processing & assembly, carriers, jig) PR Co. Ltd has being embedded corporate value on elaboration. As we have faced many challenges on the way we have managed to be trusted in value with 5 domestic motor vehicle manufacturers and also leading Korean brand Hyundai, we have been involved with their overseas branches the USA, China, India and Japan providing them with our product and supporting them production technology. Our know-how in designs, quality of functioning parts and our safety product facilities which allowed productivity improvement has most definitely helped our many partners.
▷ Turnkey solution & Washing machine provider for Engine & T/M assembly and Machining Line
▷ Fully understanding of customer’s needs by widely experienced technicians made PR to supply not only 
    equipments but also engineering solutions as well.

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